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Celtic Self Drive Case Study
Celtic Self Drive Vacations
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Crafting the First Digital Presence for Celtic Self Drive Vacations

From Concept to Online Presence: Shaping the Future of Travel in Ireland & Scotland

About the Project:

Our collaboration with Celtic Self Drive Vacations was sparked by a vision to revolutionize how travelers explore the Celtic nations. Aimed at enhancing the self-drive tour experience, our mission was to intertwine Celtic Self Drive Vacations expertise with a beautiful website that speaks directly to the hearts of adventurers.

Our Client:

Celtic Self Drive Vacations, a beacon for explorers of Ireland and Scotland, offers a comprehensive suite of services including car rentals, meticulously selected accommodations, and personalized tours. Their dedication to crafting unforgettable journeys is rooted in over 60 years of combined expertise, driven by a deep passion for these historic lands.


Celtic Self Drive Vacations sought to create their online presence to mirror the authenticity and richness of the Celtic exploration experience. The challenge lay in developing a cohesive brand identity and an intuitive website, alongside streamlining the process for collecting and managing leads to foster growth and enhance efficiency.


Inspired by the verdant landscapes and ancient heritage of Ireland and Scotland, we designed a unique brand palette, logo, and typography that resonate with the spirit of adventure. Our web design and development efforts focused on user experience, ensuring easy access to information and services. By implementing workflow automation, we optimized the lead management process, connecting seamlessly with tools like Zapier and Monday.com for flawless operations.


The launch of the Celtic Self Drive Vacations website marked a new era for the company, offering a portal to the Celtic lands that invites exploration with greater ease and inspiration. The new brand identity and streamlined user journey have led to an increase in user engagement, bookings, and inquiries, showcasing the power of blending traditional hospitality with digital innovation.

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